Mexican Hat and The Big Kowalski

You don’t get service stations like this on the M1…


Took a trip out of the Navajo Tribal Park to pick up supplies and fill up. The scenery is just mind blowing…

P1010926 P1010929 P1010933

The 163 up to Mexican Hat is just the most sensational road – vast straights, big dips, crazy bends, incredible landscape, and completely empty . On my way back after getting supplies I decided to test the Dodge’s 0-60 timer and give the car some full Kowalski as no one was looking. It sounds much happier when you give it the full beans from a standing start 🙂

P1010935 P1010921

I punched it down this road at full tilt in homage to Kowalski. See that thin shiny thing running down the middle of the pic? Yeah – that’s the road. No naked motorcycle girls though..

One thought on “Mexican Hat and The Big Kowalski”

  1. Fantastic Photos Junior. We must do the trip together before I reach the Indian Burial Grounds. A trip of a lifetime. So, let’s do it.

    Tony Callaghan From my iPad


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