Walt’s House

Walt’s house – the epicentre of Breaking Bad – was close by. I parked up the street first to get the classic longshot you see so often…


I’d been told the owners were relatively friendly and tolerant of tourists – so I thought, fuck it, and knocked on the door…


This is the old guy who actually lives in Walt’s house! He was perfectly friendly and happy to have a picture. I asked him if he would mind if I put my car on his drive for a photo. He said it was cool, but to be quick as his wife would be back soon and she hated people like me. So I quickly raced to get the shot that is basically what this whole roadtrip has been about..

P1020042 P1020038 P1020036

He was a lovely bloke – he told me that although the interiors were all shot on a set the swimming pool out back was genuine – and the producers added it in as a location once they realised his house had one. I cheekily asked for a look but I guess that was a step too far for him and he told me to bugger off before his wife got back.

One thought on “Walt’s House”

  1. What fabulous photos Mat. We have been without Wi Fi for a couple of days so just caught up. Trust all is going well. We are camping near Cadiz on the way to Portugal where the camp is near Faro airport. Keep those photos coming . Your blog is a homage to all Breaking Bad fans. X

    Tony Callaghan From my iPad


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