Back on four wheels

So an excellent day with Routes Rentals came to an end with a surprise goodie bag…


Includiing complementary bag of Blue Meth…


Thanks to Josh and Heather for a really fun day. Going to head out tonight for my last night in Alburquerque and get a few nightime shots, then tomorrow its time to point the Challenger back west and begin the long road back down Route 66 to LA. 😦


Two other things I learned today:

1) I inadvertently visited a BB location earlier on the roadtrip without realising it! Skyler goes to Four Corners to toss a coin.

2) My Dodge has the wrong stripes. The one Walt buys Junior has black stripes down the middle of the car roof and bonnet. Ah well. Fuck it.



2 thoughts on “Back on four wheels”

  1. Love all your BB blog. You are being followed by Friends on Facebook . Brilliant photos as always. Well done Junior. Have you got my T shirt?

    Tony Callaghan From my iPad


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