Back on four wheels

So an excellent day with Routes Rentals came to an end with a surprise goodie bag…


Includiing complementary bag of Blue Meth…


Thanks to Josh and Heather for a really fun day. Going to head out tonight for my last night in Alburquerque and get a few nightime shots, then tomorrow its time to point the Challenger back west and begin the long road back down Route 66 to LA. 😦


Two other things I learned today:

1) I inadvertently visited a BB location earlier on the roadtrip without realising it! Skyler goes to Four Corners to toss a coin.

2) My Dodge has the wrong stripes. The one Walt buys Junior has black stripes down the middle of the car roof and bonnet. Ah well. Fuck it.




  1. Love all your BB blog. You are being followed by Friends on Facebook . Brilliant photos as always. Well done Junior. Have you got my T shirt?

    Tony Callaghan From my iPad


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