Downtown homes

Here’s a few familiar, and less familiar, spots we kicked off with…

Jesse’s parents’ house..  (whatever did happen to that kid brother who was really clever but liked smoking dope?)


Spooge’s house (the meth-head dude who got his head squashed like a watermelon by an ATM)


Ted Benicke’s house… I didn’t fuck Ted


and back to Pinkman’s gaff. Apparently some guy bought this house just after season one aired. He had no idea the home he just bought was about to become legendary for murder, meth, and dissolving bodies in bathtubs.. 😦

P1020156 P1020158

And finally – spot the missing bench. This is the spot where Badger got busted by the DEA, on a fake bench with a ‘Better Call Saul’ advert on it


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