Los Pollos Hermanos

In real life Los Pollos Hermanos is an outpost of a burrito chain called Twisters, stuck out in the ass-end of Alburquerque over the Rio Grande..

P1020115 P1020113 P1020100

I went in for lunch – no fried chicken on offer – so I got a cheeseburger.

P1020104 P1020107

Just like the carwash they’ve left one of the prop signs intact…

P1020102 P1020103

Those 3 dudes looked really unhappy at me taking pics. They were the only people in there apart from an old couple and some of the most grotesquely overweight and unhappy looking staff you could ever conceive.

I double checked that I was definitely sitting in the booth that Walt sat in when he first hooked up with Gus Fring.

P1020109 P1020110

I suppose that poster kind of gives it away…

Upon leaving I noticed a suspicious white truck parked out the back…


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