Rounded off today with two places close to Jesse’s heart – first of all the apartment where he found true love with that unrealistically hot girlfriend –  until she choked to death on smack

P1020124 P1020122 P1020119

Looks like it’s back up for rent after Jesse turned it into a shitty heroin den. In real life it’s all actually one apartment apparently – despite the double doors. The nice neighbour who popped out to take the pic told me this. It was a lot shabbier IRL than it looked in the show too. Odd.

And finally today – Jesse’s house. Had to step carefully here as I was told the owners loathe dickheads like me. So a couple of quick shots were enough. I’m coming back here on the bike tour tomorrow anyway.


So that was today. Tomorrow I take the “Biking Bad” tour of the downtown locations.

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