Country & Western

Just a short aside to say how brilliant Country and Western music is, and how much I have enjoyed having “The Highway” and “Prime Country” stations pumping out of the stereo for much of the trip. My favourite song today was a maudlin tale of a teenage girl whose hair fell out due to chemotherapy just before she was due to attend the high school prom, and was worried her date wouldn’t want to take her anymore. Then in the final verse the fine young chap turns up at the house to take her – wearing a hat, and whips it off to reveal he has cut his hair off in solidarity. Those are the kind of deep themes you’re never going to get from The Arctic Monkeys or Kasabian.

My favourite song title today was “You’re a lot less fun since I stopped drinking”.  Pure gold. 🙂

PS – Ha ha – found it on YouTube –

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