Day 7 – ABQ, NM – Phoenix, AZ

I’ve decided to try to make it to LA by sunday night to hook up with some friends so I needed to get some miles down today – first off a quick punt down Interstate 40 to Gallup….


Gallup is a place that grew up as a railway town, and a stopping off point on the old Route 66.

IMG_3873 IMG_3876

It also appears to have won an award recently as the USA’s most patriotic small town…


Stirred with patriotic fervour – not least by all the tracks on the Country & Western stations that bang on about how brilliant it is to be American and how great the USA is – I went for lunch in Gallup’s main attraction –  The El Rancho Hotel.


IMG_3880 IMG_3878

The El Rancho  hotel was a big deal back in Hollywood’s golden era when the Western was the king of movies. It served as a watering hole and unit base for all the big names of the time who came out into the desert to shoot, including, of course, The Duke…

IMG_3885 IMG_3881

Lunch was yet another disappointing Enchilada. At the risk of infuriating New Mexicans – I’m afraid I dont get what all the fuss is about. I’ve had about 6 “New Mexican” meals now, complete with all the red and green chile trimmings – and they all pretty much tasted the same, and almost exactly like the stuff we used to bash out in the Tex Mex restaurant I ran in Brighton in the late 90s. I forget who it was who said Mexican food is 4 different kinds of sloppy stuff with melted cheese, but I’m inclined to agree. I think the more modern twist on the cuisine that you get in places like Wahaca in London is far more appealing. Sorry New Mexicans 😦


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