Palm Springs

Palm Springs is great. It’s hot for one thing – the first place on this trip where I have been able to wear a T shirt and shorts. It’s also fairly cosmopolitan, diverse, busy, and nuts.

P1020244 P1020242 P1020238

I seem to have come on a busy weekend – there were 3 big events going on downtown – so rooms were scarce and expensive. I hauled around about 6 or 7 places before bagging the last room going in this Best Western…


The town was buzzing – there’s an English Pub called “Hair of the Dog”

P1020247 P1020250

I went in but none of the bikers and rednecks in there seemed particularly thrilled to see a real Englishman, so I went up the strip to a rather cooler looking place called Azul and had a Philly Cheesesteak Wrap for lunch .


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