Day 9 – Palm Springs

Woke up intending to go to LA today, but it really is far, far too pleasant in Palm Springs. The first properly warm weather I have had on the entire 2 week trip so far.So I decided to just kick back by the pool and enjoy the sunshine.


P1020261 _1020263

It also happened that the big event in Palm Springs this weekend was a Classic Car Auction – packed full of extemely exotic American metal… _1020272 _1020277 _1020284 _1020288 _1020294 _1020300

_1020270 _1020274 _1020271 _1020282 _1020276 _1020283 _1020285

The auctioneer was hilarious – the whole thing was conducted in a kind of strange high speed sing-song rap, with cars rolling on and off the block every two or 3 minutes and lots of furious bidding.


First day of the trip when I haven’t driven the Challenger. Feel a bit guilty. Will make up for it with a fast final drive down into Los Angeles tomorrow and a good nose around all the big sites, before it has to go back to Hertz on tuesday 😦

One thought on “Day 9 – Palm Springs”

  1. Bet you were tempted by those Metal Beasts. Mind you we have our own to drool over when we are back on the track. What a trip son. Must be the trip of your lifetime…… So far.x

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