Day 11 – Malibu and LAX

Last day of the trip – so once last chance to give the 6.1 litre V8 a bit of a stretch on the Pacific Coast Highway. First though – it needed another wash so that Hertz didn’t catch on that

a) I’d smoked fags in it

b) I’d had a 2 gallon can of gas in the trunk as a standby in the desert.

Actually, looking at it now, those two look like a remarkably stupid combination don’t they? 😦

Anyway – you want your car properly detailed in LA – you talk to The Hand.

P1020331 P1020328

I got chatting to the owner Rich, who was one of those classic whacked out California ex-hippy types who also happened to be a petrolhead.


We enthused about the merits of S2000s vs Challengers and I also told him about Vanishing Point – which he’d never seen. He got very excited and immediately made plans to watch it tonight. His boys also made the car peachy fresh and virtually erased the small ding that some prick had managed to put on the bumper in Palm Springs.

IMG_3920 IMG_3921

He left his card and I was going to shop him to Hertz but the valet pretty much erased it , so all good.

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