Pacific Coast Highway

Said to be one of the world’s great drives if you do the whole thing – but that will have to wait for the next muscle car road trip. I just had time to get up to the far end of Malibu and back, enjoy the sunshine, and hear the fantastic noise the car makes when it’s doing its thing one last time.

P1020335 P1020337 P1020338

27 miles of scorched beauty more accurately right now – It’s hardly a revelation but, bloody hell, LA really really does need the rainstorms that are supposed to be coming later this week. Everywhere looks absolutely parched to the point of desertification, despite all the expensive irrigation and garden sprinklers. At the moment it makes  Marrakech look positively lush and verdant.

Nice beaches though – stopped here at Zuma Beach and had a vaguely OK crab cake and sweet potato fries for lunch

P1020340 P1020342

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