Just sketching out today’s route out over a slug of coffee. Got quite a few miles to put down today, mostly along the original Route 66. Hoping to get a good few hours sightseeing in the Canyon before heading to Flagstaff for the night

5 thoughts on “ROADTRIP DAY 2 – KINGMAN – GRAND CANYON via ROUTE 66”

    1. It guzzles it like a drunk Irishman on Guinness. Bought a 2 gallon gas tank this morning. Trunk stinks of petrol now though – even though I wrapped it in a bag. Pics later. Worth getting 15mpg though when you floor it and it roars past a truck in a blur of orange 🙂

  1. Have you reached Flagstaff for tonight’s stopover son? Mr woof and I send you lots of love. One glorious day of sunshine and calm today, a little oasis amid stormy weather. Stay safe xxx

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    1. yes I am here mother – worry not. I wont arrive in places until around 5-6pm local each day – so around midnight your time. So don’t start worrying if nothing is posted until the next morning.

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